Music Services

Music Services
In the modern music industry artist can now write their own music and produce good sounding records with the same quality records as a well-known A-List producer, writers & engineers. If you talented and got great material we can bring it to life with our music services.
You can stay independent and hire a good team like Chance the Rapper, Macklemore, and Chase Rice. Years ago, Jay-z Rocafella records and Ted Lucas slip and slide records showed everybody the model, go hire a good a&r’s and label services to market and promote your project.
It all starts here! No Middleman or Expensive Travel to NYC

A&R Review
Written Critique $49.99 Order Today!
Most affordable way to see how your material stand up in the music industry. Our A&R veterans know what labels want. We also track consumer trends, and which way music fans are support their favorite artists. We have the “Ears” you need. Get the truth on the business side of your music. Once you make your purchase we will provide instruction to send your submission.

A&R Review
Phone Consultation $99.99 Click here Order Today!
Schedule a 45-min. phone consultation
Topics of your choice music related: Banding you name, marketing, information, distribution, platforms, income stream, industry BS, etc.
Have full interview with an industry artist development specialist.
Once you make your purchase we will provide instruction to send your submission and information.

A&R Review
In Person Visit Office/ Show Evaluation/ Recording Studio and 10min. Phone Consultation $299.99 Click here Order Today!
Have a meeting with an industry insider who can open doors for you. Includes one hour discussion. A&R review we will take full analysis and make an on shot decision to continue relationship. Or sign you to a deal that fit your needs.
Once you make your purchase we will provide instruction to send your submission, information and make plans for our meeting.

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Digital 7 Music Group
Finders Agreement

1. I hereby employ Digital 7 Music Group as my sole and exclusive artists' Artist Rep/A&R/Agent for a period of 14 months from date hereof to negotiate agreements for the rendition of my professional services as a writer, musician, or to otherwise in the fields of motion pictures, stage performances, radio , television, and other fields of entertainment.

2. D7MG hereby agrees to advise and counsel me (the artist) in the development and advancement of my professional career and to use reasonable efforts to procure employment and to negotiate for me, as aforesaid. And will be pay (15%) for any agent or broker repetition for the artist example; recording deals, signings, advance monies and any sub-contracted agreement.

3. As compensation for your said services agreed to be rendered here under, I hereby agree to pay you a sum equal to ( 15%) of all moneys or things of value as and when received by me, directly or indirectly, in the form of royalty advances, sale advances, sub-label advances, or all types of music loans as compensation for my professional services rendered or agreed to be rendered during the term hereof under agreement, or any extensions, renewals, modifications or substitutions thereof, entered into or negotiated during the term hereof and to pay the same to you thereafter for so long a time as I receive compensation on any such contracts, extensions, options or renewals of said contracts. It is expressly understood that you shall be entitled to continue to receive the payment of compensation on the aforementioned agreement after the termination of this agreement only if you continue to serve me and to perform obligations with respect to said employment contracts or to extensions or renewals of said contracts or to any employment requiring my services on which such compensation is based.

4. In the event that I do not obtain a bona fide offer of employment from a responsible employer during a period of time in excess of 14 month period consecutive months, during all of which said time I shall be ready, able, willing and available to accept employment, either party hereto shall have the right to terminate this contract by notice in writing to that effect sent to the other by registered mail

5. In this 14 month period Digital 7 Music Group will engage in the follow for the artist above. Items seen in Digital 7 Music Groups Music Finance Program website online or a direct contact with a A&R or Agent in person. Place your materiel in a professional forum to be review and examined by music industry specialize. Provide you a free music plug to underground and premium radio station worldwide. Shop your deal to sub-labels or the big three major Labels; such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG. Such deals like promotional deal, 360 deals, or distribution agreement.

6. Music Finance Program place your music in the hands of our pool of alternative music investors; hedge funds, venture capitalist, angle investors, and private individual music investors and music equipment companies. In exchange for $75,000 to $150,000 Advance or investment these financial intuition may need a percentage of your royalty. By signing this agreement you have agree to pay an application processing fee of $25.00 and Deposit of $__________ which is refundable in 90 days if sections 5,6 are not executed. This document acts as your receipt of the processing fee and deposit.

7. This instrument constitutes the entire agreement between us and no statement, promises or inducement made by any party hereto which is not contained herein shall be binding or valid and this contract may not be enlarged, modified or altered, except in writing by both the parties in State of New York or any other State that’s allowed.

8. You hereby agree to deliver to me an executed exact copy Agreement.